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Kanji Go is a Mac OS X application designed to make it easy to lookup and review Japanese and Chinese.
  • Look up words from and to Japanese and Chinese, English, Russian, German, and French
  • Find Kanji by Radical, Reading, Meaning, Stroke Count, or SKIP index
  • Create, print, import/export, and publish custom vocabulary lists
  • Study using customizable digital flash cards - via traditional or Spaced-Interval methods
  • Quiz Mode with adjustable difficulty and styles
  • View conjugations for all Japanese verbs and adjectives
  • Use Romaji, Kanji, and/or Kana when searching and viewing entries
You can learn more via the Online Manual and forum.


Fig 1.1: Welcome Screen

Fig 1.2: Review - Interval Mode

Fig 1.3: Quiz Mode

Fig 1.6: Verb Conjugations

Fig 1.4: Custom Verb Form

Fig 1.5: Editing an Entry

KGo Project History

Kanji Go is free to use and redistribute, according to the GNU GPL v3. It has been shaped by generous (and much appreciated) feedback from an international userbase, and is updated frequently. Pass it on to any who you think might find it useful, and always feel free to post on the forum, or contact me directly.

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